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  • Gardening in March

    What to do in the Garden in March – UK and Ireland

    March is the time when we want to start thinking about sowing seeds, getting the ground prepared for growing crops and flowers. Bulbs in the garden, such as daffodils and crocuses are really coming into their own now.

  • Indoor plants

    Make Sure Your Indoor Plants Get Enough Natural Light

    Taking care of plants brings you joy, but indoor gardens have unique challenges. Learn how to make sure your indoor plants get enough natural light so they thrive all year long.

  • Snowdrops

    February Filldyke

    February can be quite a busy month. Of course, certain tasks can be carried out only if the weather permits. And, if it doesn’t, you can always sit back with a cup of coffee, read the seed catalogues, and plan what you’re going to grow later in the year!

  • coffe ground in your garden

    7 Ways to Use Coffee Grounds in your Garden

    Eating homegrown vegetables is a rewarding experience. Maybe you want your next garden to grow bigger and better veggies with a little extra help. This guide will show you how to use coffee grounds in gardening so you harvest the best vegetables in the neighborhood.