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  • Garden

    March is the Month for Great Garden Visions

    The month of March is our window of opportunity to make big plans for our garden before the endless onslaught of garden chores consumes our time and attention.

  • watering-garden

    Sustainability in gardening

    Sustainability in gardening focuses on creating healthy soil, conserving resources, and overall bettering the environment.
    In this post Evelyn lists 7 ways to care for the environment.

  • Gardening_in_Lockdown-004

    Gardening in Lockdown

    The effect of lockdown on the population has been huge. People spending much more time at home. As a consequence, those people who had gardens began to spend more time in them and looking after the garden became increasingly important during lockdown.

  • Gaillardia

    Upside-down gardening: March in Central Otago

    Gardening tips and advice for March in New Zealand. How to grow the most potatoes from a spud in a bucket, time for planting beetroot and lettuce seeds, and tips for easy plants for a hot & dry environment.

  • Janne Asp

    Interview with Janne Asp – Nature Enthusiast & Wildlife Photographer

    We’re excited to welcome Janne Asp to Gardenize, an aspiring wildlife photographer, a big nature enthusiast who has discovered his hobby for capturing stunning images of wildlife, animals, insects and plants. In a series of posts, we will feature Janne’s photos on our channels for your inspiration.

  • Aisha El-Safi

    Welcome Aisha El-safi to Gardenize!

    We’re excited to welcome Aisha Al-safi as our new Java Developer at Gardenize! Aisha will work with various platforms, including Java development, but also do testing, verification and implement Firebase.

  • Rosemary

    Grow your own rosemary

    Rosemary is a durable, easy to grow and long-lasting spice to have in your herb garden. With the proper care and cultivation, you can enjoy it for many years. Here are some easy to follow instructions for when you are ready to grow your own rosemary!

  • Lettuce

    Grow your own lettuce

    Growing lettuce is easy and a good place to start if you are new to gardening! Walking through the produce section of the store or at a Farmers Market, you will find many varieties of lettuce to choose from. The classics such as iceberg lettuce, pickled lettuce in pots and different bags with one or more different kinds of green leaves in them. Growing lettuce is a first step to your own garden pantry. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

  • Gardening in March

    What to do in the Garden in March – UK and Ireland

    March is the time when we want to start thinking about sowing seeds, getting the ground prepared for growing crops and flowers. Bulbs in the garden, such as daffodils and crocuses are really coming into their own now.

  • Indoor plants

    Make Sure Your Indoor Plants Get Enough Natural Light

    Taking care of plants brings you joy, but indoor gardens have unique challenges. Learn how to make sure your indoor plants get enough natural light so they thrive all year long.