Set reminders in Gardenize


When you use Gardenize to document your plants and gardening activities, you can also set reminders. You find this feature in the “My diary“.

This feature is useful when you for instance want to get a notification of activities you do regularly, but not so often. For instance fertilizing, trimming or repotting.


Allow notificiations

In order for the reminders to work you need to make sure that you allow Gardenize to send notifications. This is normally done in the settings of your phone or tablet, not in the Gardenize app itself.


Set reminders, step by step

1. When you are adding a new event, you scroll down to the field “Set Reminder”.


2. Click on the filed and select the date and time you want to get reminded.

Save & exit!


Gardenize is an app to help you keep track of all your plants, garden areas and the activities you do in your garden. You can download Gardenize from App store or Google play, and it is free!

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