Garden diary – Events

Lyckas med perenner

Garden diary – Events.

In Gardenize Garden Diary – Events, is where you in a simple way log all your gardening activities.
It might be something you seeded, fertilized or harvested.
When you use the events, and link to plants or areas, you will be able to see all events when you go back and look at your plant info!
Garden diary
Garden diary

Add new event

You add new events to the diary by clicking the green + sign, in the bottom of the screen.
When you add a new event, you get an empty page to fill with your own information.  The only mandatory field is the Activity type, all the rest are optional.
There are a few activities to choose from at start, and you can add as many as you want, edit the names.
You can connect the event to one or several plants and you can also connect it to one or many areas.
You can take a new photo or add photos from your gallery. With a Plus subscription you can add as many photos if you want, with Basic you can add 3. With a free version you can save one photo.
Save by clicking the Tic mark in the upper right corner.
New event
Gardenize diary

Different views

There are two different views of the calender: Daily and weekly.

You choose view behind the 3 dots in the upper right corner.

In the daily view you see your events with large photos, if you choose the weekly view, you get a more compressed list.

Garden Diary
Garden diary

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