In Gardenize online gardening journal, you document information about the plants you grow in your garden, allotment or indoor.  You can also connect them to the areas you have where you grow your plants.
My plants

My plants

The plant list is sorted alphabetically and has two different views that you can choose in the top of the screen by clicking one of the two view icons.

You can search among your plants in the top search row. The search will look for:

  • Plant name
  • Scientific name
  • Plant type
  • Variety

1. Plant details

Each plant has its own page in Gardenize. You can add as many plants and photos as you want. By clicking the little flower in the upper right corner of a photo, you set your favorite photo. The favorite photo is the one that will be representing that plant, in all other plant views in the application.

Gardenize online garden journal plant info

2. Plant info

There are a number of fields where you can add your information about the plant.

The general information, in the top section, includes:

  • Plant name
  • Scientific name
  • Plant date – the date that you add the plant will automatically be added but can be changed
  • Plant note – write your own notes
  • Plant type – this is a list you create yourself which is searchable
  • Photo date – is the date when you add the photo, can be changed.

Further down are a number of fields for additional information and a time schedule for important dates for the plants caring.

Even further down you get to the section where you can connect areas and events related to the plant.

Gardenize online garden journal plant details

3. Connect plants to garden areas

One of the great benefits of Gardenize, is that you can connect your plants to the different areas in your garden. When you have decided what to call you different areas and have added them to Gardenize, you can simply connect plants and areas by dragging and dropping.

Read more about areas here.

Gardenize online garden journal plant areas

4. Add an event to plant

When you add an event to a plant, you get a pop-up screen where you write some basic information, like the activity type and some notes. After you have saved it, you can go back and add photos and even more information if you like.

Read more about events here.

Gardenize online garden journal plant event
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Gardenize online garden journal

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Keep all notes and photos of your plants, areas and gardening activities  in one place.

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