In Gardenize online gardening journal, you keep track of everything you do in your garden, allotment or wherever you grow plants by logging events. Each event can be connected to both plants and areas, and you can dynamically go back and forth to analyze all your hard work!
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The event section is the third element of Gardenize, and is a bit different from the plant and area sections.

Events are organized per year and month, and you can create both current and future events. Most commonly you create events of things you’ve done. If you want to plan ahead you can create upcoming events – like a to-do list.

Events can be created directly from a plant or an area, but you can also start by creating a new event in the event section and directly add both plants and areas to the event.

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1. Event details

For each event you create, you can add one or more photos. To select a favorite photo, you click the little flower on the top of the image. The favorite photo will represent your event in other views of Gardenize.

To each event you assign an activity type from a list you create yourself. There is no limit to how many activity types you can have, but if you add too many, it might be hard to remember how to use them.

Gardenize online garden journal event details

2. Event info

There are a number of fields where you can enter information about the event.

  • Date – the date is automatically the date you create the event in Gardenize but you can change it if you want
  • Quantity – use this field if you want to keep track of how many plants you planted or how many tomatoes you harvested
  • Weight
  • Cost
  • Time used
  • Event note – this is where you have room to elaborate and write longer notes about your activity
Gardenize online garden journal event info

3. Connect plants and areas

When you create an event, the most valuable feature in Gardenize is to add plants and areas that were involved in the event.

You do that by clicking “Manage” on either plants or areas, and then drag and drop the relevant items.

Read about plants here.

Read about areas here.

Gardenize online garden journal event plants and areas

4. Set reminders and create future events

You can set reminders in the event section of Gardenize by turning reminder on/off too green. After that, you choose what day and time when you want the reminder to be triggered.

You can also create events in the future. This is intended for planning activities later on. When you set the future event button to green, make sure to also change the date. In this way, you can separate the future events from the activities you already did.

Gardenize online garden journal event reminders and future events
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