Gardenize handling of personal data (GDPR)

Gardenize is a digital service where users / customers document information about their own garden, plants, garden areas and gardening events. Users can connect with friends with / follow other accounts that use Gardenize, when approved by the other user.
Gardenize has been built to be available to users on different devices such as mobile and tablets, with the possibility to switch between different platforms iOS and Android, and to share their information with others. In order for this to work, the information is stored by Gardenize and all information is linked to the respective account created by users. Users agree to the Gardenize Terms of Use when creating their account.

The information stored by Gardenize is
– Username, Email Address, Language Setting
– If entered by the user: Profile image, country, garden location, webpage, hardiness zone, phone number and address.
– Images and notes that users choose to store in Gardenize, as well as what inspirational posts have been saved and what other users are following and which ones are followed.
– Type of hardware and operating system last used when logging in. This is stored in order to track any problems with the software might have and to improve the service.
– Users can delete any information they logged in Gardenize, item by item.

Delete account

If users like to have their account deleted, please contact Gardenize via e-mail:


GDPR responsible: Jenny Rydebrink