Draw on photos in Gardenize


A very interesting feature in the Gardenize app is to mark where you plant your seeds, with the feature Draw on photos. This means that you can make marks on any photo you have added to your Plants, Areas, or Events. This is very useful when you want to mark something special, like where you planted your seeds – and hide them under the dirt!

Draw on photo

It is very easy for you to use the feature Draw on a photo; simply click on the green pen to edit, then just click on the photo, select draw and choose a color. When you click next you will have the option to make notes to each color. When you draw on a photo, that photo is saved as a new photo, and the old one is kept as well.

Good luck keeping track of all your hidden treasures in the soil!



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Draw on photo, step by step guide:

Start by opening card with the plant/area/event you want to edit. Then click on the pen in the right corner and tap on the photo.

If you have several photos in the same place, swipe to the corret photo.

Then tap on the draw icon.

Draw on photo

Chose one or more color to mark what you want.

Then tap Next.

Write your notes to the corresponding colors.

Then tap Next.

The photo with your drawings is saved as a new photo, with the notes to each color below.

Gardenize is an app to help you keep track of all your plants, garden areas and the activities you do in your garden. You can download Gardenize from App store or Google play, and it is free!

To learn more about Gardenize, visit the full website at: www.gardenize.com

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