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A ‘cookie’ is a small text file containing information which is stored on your computer. Cookies are only used for technical reasons and to facilitate your use of a website.

One type of cookie will save a file permanently on your computer. It can thereafter be used to customize this website based on the user’s choices and interests. Another common type of cookie is the “session cookie”. When you visit a website, session cookies are sent between your computer and the server to collect information. Session cookies are not saved once you close your web browser. For more information about how cookies work, please refer to www.allaboutcookies.org.

The cookies that Gardenize use on this website are:

Stored information
pll_languagepermanentPresent information in users languagelanguage settingexpires in 365 daysNo sharing
resolutionsession cookieDeliver scalable imagesno stored informationduring sessionNo sharing
_gapermanentDistinguish usersAn ID for Google Analytics730 daysGoogle Analytics
_gidpermanentDistinguish usersAn ID for Google Analytics1 dayGoogle Analytics
_gatsession cookiethrottle request rateUser requests1 minuteGoogle Analytics
_hjIncludedInSamplesession cookieKnow whether that visitor is included in sampleInclusion in sampleduring sessionHotjar

We are continuously working to improve www.gardenize.com. In order to do this, we use Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Hotjar to analyze our users’ behavior. We also allow our web analysis tools Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Hotjarto place and manage cookies on this website.

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Last revision: October 09th 2018

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