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Gardenize 3.0

Hi Garden friends!

The Gardenize garden app was launched in 2016 and with more than 250,000 people that have downloaded our app, we have helped gardeners around the world reignited their gardening organization, management and passion. Our service was designed specifically with gardeners in mind as our platform allows users to save millions of photos, engage and follow other Gardenize community members and plan and organize gardens everywhere.

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We have heard your suggestions and ideas to create an even better Gardenize experience and are excited to announce Gardenize is now available in three subscription tiers. Now users will have the freedom to choose the subscription option that best suits their gardening needs.

At Gardenize we have always focused on providing the most up to date technology while providing a user-friendly platform, our product development and investment in product development, updates and support have resulted in a commitment of millions and we are now able to share these enhancements with our Gardenize family of users.

Our subscription options now include Gardenize Plus, Gardenize Basic and Gardenize Free!

Gardenize Plus

If you have or sign up for the Gardenize Plus Subscription option you will be able to:

  • Using the Gardenize Plus Export feature download all of your data to your local computer
  • New Feature! Cloning your plants to make copies of them
  • Save unlimited plants, areas and events
  • Customize uploaded photos with the Gardenize Draw feature
  • Share and connect your inspiration feed with the Gardenize Community
  • Access to Gardenize on all tech platforms, including local computers.

Gardenize Basic-NEW!!

With our new subscription Gardenize Basic you will be able to:

  • Save unlimited plants, areas and events
  • Save three photos per plant/area/event
  • Customize uploaded photos with the Gardenize Draw feature
  • Share and connect your inspiration feed with the Gardenize Community

Gardenize Free

With Gardenize Free you will be able to:

  • Save unlimited plants, areas and events
  • Save one photo per plant/areas/events.

With Gardenize Free will now feature advertisements in selected places and the option to draw and share photos is only available with Gardenize Plus and Gardenize Basic.

Important subscription information for all subscription tiers:

  • Upgrading and downgrading subscription tiers are available at any time.
  • Sign up for Gardenize Plus via Web, AppStore or Google Play
  • Sign up for Gardenize Basic via AppStore or Google Play
  • All information, settings, notes and photos that are saved will be available in your Gardenize account regardless of subscription choice.

Current Gardenize users

Gardenize Plus users

With your current Gardenize Plus subscription in addition to the many features, you already have access to you will now have the Gardenize Plus export feature. This feature allows you to download all data to excel and your photos to a zip file!

With the new Clone feature, you will be able to easily build your plant library and add plants of similar varieties.

Gardenize Export users

If you have bought exports and still have some left to use, you will get a Gardenize Basic subscription until Dec 31, 2020, for free.

Gardenize Free users

Your account will still be free and have all of the functionality of the Gardenize free subscription tier. All information, notes, photos and settings will still be accessible.

To fully utilize Gardenize in the future we recommend that you sign up for Gardenize Plus. You will get the best price by signing up via the web.


Best price

You get the best price by signing up via our web portal, and subscribing for the yearly subscription at only:

44 USD / 39 EUR / 35 GBP / 390 SEK.


We are excited to roll out our Gardenize enhancements, by providing a customizable Gardenize experience we are able to provide our users with the best gardening app available.

Subscription tier changes will be implemented in late June or early July. Anyone that signs up for Gardenize after the new release will automatically get the Gardenize Free features and can upgrade any time via the app or on the web.

Thanks for supporting Gardenize and keep the recommendations coming! We are the best garden app available because of the passion and enthusiasm of our users.

The Gardenize Team!

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