If you have a small or big garden doesn’t matter, your garden can be divided in to different areas none the less, and that makes it easier to keep track of it. A garden area can for instance be a
– Flowerbed
– Crop area
– Green house
or even a balconny or a flowerpot.
It is up to you to create your different garden areas and name them as you wish and understand. If you have several areas of the same type, you can seperate them by for instance adding a number.


For each Area we propose that you add one or several photos, that way you can follow the development and how the area looks at different times of the year.

You can add notes specific to that area, and you can fill in all kinds of details.

Most importantly  – You can also note what plants you have in a specific area.

If you want you can also:
– Share the photo to Facebook,
– Edit the photo (rotate, crop, draw and delete)

Click on the Tick mark in the upper right corner to save.


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